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  • This company was the 3rd local locksmith company we called for a quote to replace the locks on our business doors and they were the only ones that gave us a ball park price over the phone. The cost was a bit higher compared to the others, but they seemed more professional. They replaced out 2 of our door locks in no time and the crew was extremely friendly and polite.
    Gale Larrys
  • Took me and my husband a while to find someone who can deal with Baldwin Locks these are not Locks that you can play around they are expensive and need a professional thanks to you guys I found a solution for the problem I've been having with the lock. Thank you Locksmith Clearwater for your outstanding service!
    Racheal Myers

Car Key Replacement


Losing your car keys oftentimes create uneasy feelings of helplessness and desperation most especially when you have to meet up with an urgent meeting or on an important occasion. Not knowing the exact place where the keys slipped off and where to begin the search are really the most heartbreaking things in life.

Types Of Car Keys

More often than not, you may have a spare however, what if that is also lost or misplaced? If you are faced with this ill-fated situation, you have to calm down and put yourself together as freaking out will not do you any favour. You will be pleased to know that replacing lost car keys is possible.


Replacing lost car keys by requesting from your auto dealer can be an expensive option and even time-consuming. They will probably charge you very high prices for the replacement and that is not to talk of the programming which relies on the type of vehicle you have. Should you have the money, I will suggest this option. However, if you believe getting in touch with your car dealer is not a good alternative then maybe you can contact a professional locksmith. The cost of replacing lost car keys through a locksmith is usually affordable.

Professional locksmiths will offer you reliable, and trusted services with the state-of-the-art computerized equipment, can easily replace your car keys in just few hours or days which can be longer should you purchase from the dealer. Professional locksmiths will have you back on the road efficiently and effortlessly. Most of the newer model vehicles usually feature entry and ignition keys that have a computer chip in them. In addition to replacing lost car keys, locksmiths can assist you should it turn out tricky to turn your key in the ignition. There are many locksmiths who offer 24/7 services so you do not have to worry as they are just a dial away. Besides that, they can as well replace your old car keys with the new ones.

Some locksmiths may even be licensed or possess car codes which would make it easier for you to purchase a fob replacement without the need to visit their dealer for it. Furthermore, it is very important for you to know that calling a locksmith is not precisely a perfect option because not all of them are talented when it comes to replacing lost car keys As a result; you are better off hiring an expert locksmith from a reputable agency.

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